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Author bio thoughts

Last night, I submitted a short story. The publication—like many—wanted a short author biography. This author bio would be used “if the story is accepted.” And so, once again, I started thinking about author bios.

I honestly have mixed feelings about these author bios. I have some philosophical reservations: perhaps it’s best for the story to stand alone, and speak 100% for itself. At the same time, however, I sometimes read a story and wonder about the author.

As a writer, I frankly hate writing an author bio. It may be the writing task I hate the most. I honestly wonder what I can possibly say that will be interesting or make it worth the reader’s time in reading even three paltry sentences? I won’t say my life story is deathly dull, but the parts of my life story that are interesting really can’t be easily crammed into three sentences.

I usually end up with a simple author bio. Dry, dull—but the same can be said, I guess, for a copyright page, which is also a necessary evil in publ…