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Car choices on TV and in fiction

I recently watched some old episodes of Supernatural. Afterwards, I started thinking about the Chevrolet the Winchesters drive. It really doesn’t seem like a terribly practical choice. The gas mileage is likely appalling, which is a big issue when constantly travelling. I can imagine it would be a hassle of trying to get parts for a fifty year old car when stranded in some small town in the middle of nowhere. (Of course, cars never break down on a TV show—unless it’s needed for the plot. Even the most reliable car in the world will break on a TV if the story needs a chance for the 19 year old blond to get stabbed to death!) And the Supernatural Chevrolet is not exactly a discreet car to drive at those times when they don’t want to attract attention.

A more practical car, it seems, would be something like an older Toyota Camry. Or maybe a small SUV, which could handle bad road conditions, and treks off road while chasing down some horror living in the woods.

Admittedly, the Chevrolet i…