Spring has sprung...for a brief moment

Spring came to the Seattle area for a couple of days. There was no rain. There were clear skies. We could see a bright glowing thing in the sky we don’t see very often around here called “the sun.” And temperatures were at least in the upper 60s on Monday.

Around town, I saw that rain coats and heavy sweatshirts vanished overnight in favor of shorts and short sleeve shirts. Convertibles and restored collector cars were allowed to leave the garage, possibly for the first time in six months. I even rode on a bus that had the AC running.

This won’t last, of course. It’ll quickly go back to the usual theme of gray skies, cold, and damp. That bus that needed AC Monday will be back to needing heat on Tuesday.

Still, it’s nice having a reprieve from winter. It’s sort of like having a weekend vacation to Palm Springs, except one doesn’t need to pack a suitcase. Or deal with the hassles of flying.